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Trip around the world - Holiday Inn Bandung

by Hana K , at 7:22 PM
Holiday Inn Bandung has prepared a selection of food promotions for the New Year. Kebun Bambu International Restaurant take you on a trip around the world by offering cuisine from different contries daily including Mexico (Monday), Mediterranean (Tuesday), Middle East (WEdnesday), Asian (Thursday), Indonesia (Friday) and International (Saturday).

Holiday Inn Bandung
Braga Bar and Lounge will prepare traditional snacks and beverages to keep the hunger pangs at bay. Bandrek, a traditional beverage from west Java made from ginger and other spices, will keep you warm on those winter nights. To help you unwind, Degusta Wine Corner is offering a Happy Hour from 12pm-7pm wuth live entertainment and a selection of fine wine.
 Contact: Holiday Inn Bandung, tel 022 421 1333
Hana K
Trip around the world - Holiday Inn Bandung - written by Hana K , published at 7:22 PM, categorized as Bandung
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