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Bali Villa Bedana 2

by Hana K , at 12:21 AM
luxury Bali villa
Set amazingly in the serene village near Canggu beach, this particular luxury Bali villa features four bedrooms and much more than enough living area each interior and outdoor. Five pavilions make up this particular Bali villa rental, presenting a nice mixture of modern as well as traditional design and style. All bedrooms are similarly special, with spectacular sights for you to enjoy. Private areas at this Bali pool villa include a sitting area, living together with dining room, a reading bale, a fitness center and massage therapy room, a library and a activities room.

Four big air-conditioned bedrooms in this private Bali villa are designed with the purpose to deliver maximum comfort and ease. Each and every bedroom is complemented by an en-suite bathing room and personal balconies. This amazing luxury Bali villa will support eight people in three king-bedded rooms and one double bedroom. Equipped smartly, the bed rooms will be ready to be your peaceful sanctuary as well as the place where you could have uninterrupted private moments.

There are many indoor living areas at this luxury Bali villa. A good open-air sitting room which will has a view of the rice fields serves as the place where you are able to relax and enjoy your energy and time along with your loved ones. You will find a individual air-conditioned dining area which has a table that seats as much as 20 people. Even more indoor area features a library, a games room along with a gym not to mention massage therapy room. Outdoors, the 11-square-meter swimming pool is waiting for you. The swimming pool is complemented with a pool stand of which also serves as the location for you to enjoy alfresco dining experience. Both swimming pool along with the pavilion are located to capture the beautiful Bali sunsets.
Hana K
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