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Bali Villa Kambas 2

by Hana K , at 9:02 AM
Perfectly located in Canggu village, this excellent private Bali villa is an excellent accommodations in Bali. The majority of the island’s favourite destinations is available very easily. The multicultural Seminyak region is only 20 mins away. Access to mountain range not to mention rice terraces along with fantastic and relaxing sights is also easy. Probably the most superb thing is that this Bali villa rental is just 50 metres away from beach. Therefore, 5 mins walking and the beachfront is right in front of you. Three rooms are offered as well as the rental property gets more than adequate room for leisure areas, a swimming pool not to mention dining areas.

You will find three bedrooms with this private Bali villa. All of bedrooms are air-conditioned and also have en-suite bath rooms. The living plus dining room of the luxury Bali villa really is generous in size. This particular long room is stuffed with cool sea sea breezes plus relaxing environment. Around the seaward part in the room is the living area, fitted with a long couch, ottomans, along with a coffee table. At one particular end of the room is a bar which has a smaller small kitchen and then to it is a dining area, equipped with a dining room table for twelve people.

The backyard as well as the 20-meter swimming pool will be the primary features of the outdoors living with this Bali pool villa. Having a waterfall at one end, the particular swimming pool includes a wood deck in addition to a so-called sun deck,  a big solid wood deck resting at the same height as the top floor of the villa. An additional leisure place are available beneath the deck.  Apart from relaxing, you may also have dinner in this region, since it is fitted with sofas, a dining room table and counter seats.
Hana K
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